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Enhance Sperm Volume

The most important factor in increasing the quantity of sperm is to boost the amount of fluid produced by each gland.

Increase Sperm Count and improve quality

Semenax enhances sperm mobility which may help you become pregnant more easily.

Better Libido and Erection

Semenax Erection pills are the top male enhancement pills that last for a longer time and increase sexual desire and endurance.

A Higher Number of Orgasms

Semenax enhance number of orgasms that create more enjoyment and excitement for both of the partners on the bed.

Make Your Every Night Memorable

With Semenax Now

Increase Sperm Production

Semenax is composed of herbs and minerals that stimulate the body’s natural semen production as a semen-boosting supplement. Semenax has a laundry list of substances recognized to aid in the generation of sperm. 

Long Lasting Orgasmas

Semenax pills allow you to enjoy longer-lasting orgasmas that are filled with massive amounts of semen. Its gives you a strong, bigger erections and its made with pure natural ingredients that enhance your sexual power.

Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Semenax increases your testosterone levels in a natural way and it can result in up to 20% increase in the volume of ejaculate in comparison to the placebo. Its boost the production of natural and healthy sperm in a person.

Semenax 100% Safe and Natural

According to the clinical research, Semenax’s ingredients are safe and well stood by the mainstream of men when as indicated. As well as they follow the instructions, there are no known adverse things or threats.
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How Does Semenax Work?

Amazing sex is the only thing that can compare to sex. But what if you could prolong fantastic sex with powerful orgasms that last twice as long—or perhaps three times as long—as you’ve ever had before?

What if you could naturally raise your semen volume while having massive amounts of cum available when you need it, fantastic volume, and a studly reputation? When you do release, you will experience pure ecstasy and an explosive, incredibly pleasant orgasm that will leave you both gasping for more.


Key Features

All Natural Ingredients

The primary reason this supplement is so powerful and is adored by consumers all around the world is due to the natural elements it contains.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy with the outcomes, you can return the product for a whopping 67 days of money back guarantee. Without any qualms, you'll get your money back.

Discount Packages

The Direct manufacturer offers a lot of monthly packages with Discount Coupon Code to the customers so that they can enjoy the product for a longer time and experience the results. These packages also come with different discounts and deals that benefit the customers.

Why People Love Semenax

18 All-Natural Ingredients, clinically proven to increase Semen Volume, Reputed and leading manufacturer by Leading Edge Health, No Reported Side Effects and Huge Discounted Bundle Sales.

Simple to Manage

The product is made much more useful and effective by the enteric coating on the capsules. Because they may be quickly dissolved in the mouth, this makes taking the capsules simple.

Clinically tested and FDA approved

With its improved semen volume formula, Leading Edge Health claims results in as little as two weeks. The clinically proven herbal Semenax components raise libido, sperm motility, and sperm count, which may aid in sperm production and assist couples in becoming pregnant.

Reviewed by

By Leading Healthcare Professionals

A higher number of patients in the Semenax arm showed a 20% or more Increase in ejaculate volume as compared with the placebo.

Source: Dr. Anuradha Kulkami, Vedic Lifesciences: Effect of Semenax Capsules on Semen Characteristics, pp 5-6

Semenax showed statistical significance over the placebo with respect to the investigator’s global assessment and the patient’s global efficacy assessment. A higher number of patients in the Semenax arm showed an increase in orgasm intensity, from Baseline to EoT (End of Treatment), as compared with the placebo.


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Enhance Sperm Volume

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Increase the Hardness

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Ingredients Facts

Pollen, as the male cell of the plant kingdom, has a well-deserved reputation for extra vim, vigor, and volume. It provides all the bio factors that are the precursors for the sex hormones and micro-nutrients essential for a healthy reproductive system.

Studies show that L-Arginine HCL supplementation can double sperm and semen volume, improve fertility, even among men with low sperm counts or poor sperm motility, and promote sperm health and activity, as well.

Researchers discovered that these amino acids in combination with zinc increase sperm production, stimulate testosterone production, and improve semen quality

Sometimes called “horny goat weed,” this botanical boosts libido and testosterone levels for greater sperm production.

Zinc has been shown to increase overall male sexual function by as much as 200% by aiding in the production of testosterone. It’s also thought to make your semen both look and feel thicker in consistency, with a noticeably whiter tone. Zinc has been shown to be particularly effective when combined with L-lysine.

This amino acid occurs in high concentrations in healthy sperm. Research has proven it significantly increases the percentage of highly motile sperm, too.

This Brazilian aphrodisiac has a long history of use since it was first discovered by the Tupi Indians. It’s commonly used to boost libido, enhance staying power, and improve overall mood (with anti-depressant qualities). It’s also considered to be a stimulant for the central nervous system. too.

Naturally high in zinc, pumpkin seed has shown to be useful in supporting overall prostate health, thereby helping to increase the health, volume and quality of semen. (See Zinc Oxide.)

A study published in the Journal of Urology (April 2000) found that Maca helps increase sexual desire, potency, and energy – nearly DOUBLING the sexual activity of those test subjects who took it for 21 days!

This herbal found in the Andes has been used as far back as the Incas to boost energy and sexual function. It’s known for improving energy, stamina, and endurance and is thought by some to ameliorate infertility, though more research is required to establish this as fact.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that acts as a mild blood thinner. It’s good for your arteries and has shown to be beneficial for improving men’s sexual function. Many medical studies have been done showing that Vitamin E can help address curvature of the penis.

Pine bark extract is a rich source of OPCs (plant flavonoids) and has been sold in France for decades. It’s found to contain antioxidants that are highly useful for sexual function. Plus the OPCs stimulate nitric oxide production – essential for getting hard, thick erections. Beneficial effects have been found to kick in within 90 days of supplementation.

Known as ‘potency wood’, this flowering shrub of the Amazon rainforest has a long history of medicinal use by the indigenous people of Rio Negro in South America. However, it really became known after Dr. Jacques Waynsberg at the Institute of Sexology (Paris) completed a study in 1990 where 62% of men who took muira puama extract experienced an increase in sex drive, and 51% of men reported improved erectile function. Muira puama is also thought to be excellent for improving libido, as well as increasing mental alertness.

Used since the 19th century, Hawthorne is one of the most popular herbals prescribed in Europe today with its series of potent antioxidants and bioflavonoids that benefit the entire cardiovascular system. Of particular note for men interested in improving their erectile function, Hawthorne is excellent for improving blood circulation while strengthening blood vessel walls. Hawthorne helps to improve the intensity and hardness of your erections.

his lesser-known aphrodisiac was first used by Native Americans and later by European settlers, though references to cranberry in relation to sexual fitness are found in Finland, too. It’s well known for promoting health of the urinary tract… but more recently, it’s gaining attention for its many benefits in promoting men’s sexual health. Cranberry extract is a source of several nutrients that are essential for optimal sexual health including Vitamin C and A. As well, it’s loaded with anti-oxidants and phytochemicals that are thought to increase frequency of sexual thoughts, as well as maintain erections.

Sarsaparilla (smilax ornata) has diuretic and restorative properties and may help address urinary problems. The steroidal-like substances in sarsaparilla are thought to help increase feelings of sexual desire in men.

This extract of wild oat grass is thought to increase your levels of free testosterone by increasing levels of lutenizing hormone, making the testosterone more active. It’s thought to increase frequency of sexual thoughts and activity, and is recommended in combination with other potent herbals for improved erectile function.

An aphrodisiac, this herb that grows in Thailand has been traditionally used by Thai men to boost sexual performance and libido.

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